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Editorial Reach and Policy


Scope and policy.

Journal of the Selva Andina Research Society is an international journal, indexed, peer-reviewed, semiannual edition, founded on 25 September 2008 thanks to the vision and dedicated effort of the Department of Teaching and Research in Biochemistry & Microbiology (DEI & BM) and the Board of the Higher Council for Scientific & Biotechnology Selva Andina Scientific Society Research Society, the Academic Unit Campesina Carmen Pampa, dependent of the Católica Boliviana "San Pablo" University, it aims to promote and disseminate unpublished research that generate impact zone of influence of the university, the country as a whole and in the region in the fields of: Entomology, Basic Microbiology, Parasitology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology, Phytochemistry, Public Health.

The magazine accepts, including basic and applied research in Biochemistry, Immunology, and Molecular Cell Biology, Physiology, Environmental Microbiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Genetics, Soil Science and related areas such.

Post unpublished scientific papers prepared by researchers, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, public and private institutions, ONG´s and researchers and practitioners from around the world.

Based on the rules of the Journal of the Selva Andina Research SocietyÓ, the authors of scientific articles have four rights over their manuscripts: to present in public, prepare derivative works, reproduce and distribute. Interested parties may reproduce information from the scientific (but with appropriate citation, otherwise plagiarizes) when made with specific purposes in teaching and research.

The journal consists of the following sections:

ORIGINAL ARTICLE. Be accepted survey type work representing a significant contribution to scientific knowledge, provided that they had not been published or submitted to another journal, and also be contributions to improving the lifestyle in the area of influence of the University, the country as a whole and the region. Manuscripts may be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese, and the use of other languages ​​is at the discretion of the Editorial Board, to accept the manuscript for publication will include the recommendations of the editors.

From the length of the text, will be 15 pages maximum in Times New Roman 12 cpi and letter-sized pages with margin left and right, top and bottom 2.5 cm, double spaced, will accept a maximum of 40 references, and up to 10 figures and 10 tables, units of measure in any section shall be expressed in the international System of Units (SI). They can be sent by E-mail. Use the Word 97 program for text and preferably, the program Excel for graphics.

Scientific communication. This section will consider the research work for their special features (sets with small number of observations, research objectives and concrete results, descriptive epidemiological studies, some thesis or graduate, new techniques, development of new species or new interactions, etc.) may be published in abbreviated form.

These papers should be no longer than 7 pages on letter size paper, double spaced, font Times New Roman 12 cpi. It will accept up to 15 references and 5 figures and 5 tables. The maximum number of authors is six. Each work should be structured as an original article (with a summary of 80 words or less) with the four headings.

Review articles. Will this type of articles published in preference to the Editor application; however it will receive proposals for consideration by the Editorial Board. May be extensive reviews, articles on current topics in the areas mentioned above, biographies of leading figures in the areas that the magazine publishers, or supplements with contributions by the author. These items will not exceed 20 pages, on letter size paper, double spaced, font Times New Roman 12 cpi, will be accepted up to 50 references and 10 figures and 10 tables. The maximum number of authors is eight.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Take precedence in this section the discussion of papers published in the last two issues, and providing opinions, views or experiences that their characteristics can be summarized in a brief text. This section is divided into "Science Letters", i.e. jobs that include works that generate debate in the scientific world, which can be exposed for short, and "Letters to Editor". The maximum length is two letter-size pages, double spaced, font Times New Roman 12 cpi. And allowed a figure or table and 15 references maximum. The number of authors should not exceed four. Should the title and keywords in English.

EDITORIAL. In each edition of the Direct-Editor in Chief of the magazine requested a member of the Editorial Board, National or International an editorial in order to see the impact that is generated in the scientific world.

Errata FE. On issues where there had been controversy regarding the appointment of scientific names or omission of authorship, this space is open.

The journal publishes two regular issues per year. Occasionally, papers presented at symposia, conferences will be published as supplements.

The accuracy of the information and citations are the sole responsibility of the authors, and the journal will not be held in solidarity with the concepts expressed in the articles published, with this responsibility entirely of the author or authors.


Authors should meet the following criteria for authorship:

The author should indicate in a letter that the work is original and has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, giving rights for publication Journal of the Selva Andina Research Society Ó, and takes responsibility for the content of their work.

As regarded authors who participated sufficiently to take public responsibility for the content of the work. It is considered as the author speaking in an essential manner:

  • The conception and design of the study, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data.


  • Drafting or revising work critically for substantial intellectual content.
  • Final approval of the version to be published.


Requirements a, b and c must be met simultaneously. Participation solely in the collection of funds or data or coordinating work or general supervision of the research group, does not justify authorship (took part of the indications to the authors of the journal Medical http://colombiamedica Colombia. informacion.html)

The papers submitted for publication must be authorized by the institution or company where the research was conducted. Furthermore it is assumed that all authors participated in the preparation and submission to publication authorized. The contents are the responsibility of the authors.

The author should indicate whether their work is considered an original, scientific communication, review article, letters to the editor, or letters scientific, editorial, misspells FE, however, the decision on the location will be taken based on the arbitration conducted and the agreement of the Associate Editors. All work submitted for publication will be reviewed by at least two specialists before being submitted for approval by the Editorial Board. If this paper is accepted, the corresponding author with whom communication is established to do the corrections requested by the Editor, and send the job again, indicating the corrections made in a different color font to emailed. Be accepted for analysis of the Editorial Board, the author answers with which communication is maintained on corrections or additions to the work, however, the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final and failure implies rejection for publication. Will be given a period of 10 working days for delivery of corrections. If after the period given no answer, will proceed in the first instance to leave it out of the editing process, and then after 30 days, to refuse to work under the premise of non-compliance with the guidelines of the journal. When finished diagrammed with the author's corrections will be returned back to conduct the final review and indicate via letter or e-mail to the Editor that you agree with the final version or observations indicate so. The response time of the author must be a maximum of five working days, after which the Associate Editors may approve or suspend publication editing process.

Finally the authors by letter should state that the work has not been published or submitted to arbitration by another journal.

We are distributed printed documentation centers and libraries. At each General Assembly of the Scientific Society Selva Andina Research SocietyÓ (SARS), will be distributed to each participant, a copy on CD of the last two volumes of the journal.

The Spanish dictionary reference will be to the Royal Spanish Academy (

The magazine was created on September 25, 2008 with the name of the Journal of the Selva Andina Research SocietyÓ, and as of August 2010, he released his first publication.

The short form of the title is (J. Selva Andina Res Soc), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and page references.


The reproduction of magazine articles provided the source is mentioned. The use of names or trademarks etc., the publication does not imply that such names are exempt from the laws and regulations relevant protection. It is forbidden for commercial use of the materials published.


  • Selva Andina Research Society.


  • Department of Education & Research in Biochemistry and Microbiology.
  • Foundation Academic Unit Campesina Carmen Pampa.


  • Católica Boliviana University "San Pablo".

Academic Unit Campesina Carmen Pampa.




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