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Ecología en Bolivia
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Table of contents
Ecología en Bolivia vol.48 no.1 La Paz Apr. 2013

 ·  Synthesis of the history of research in plant ecology in Bolivia: achievements and challenges
Larrea-Alcázar, Daniel M.; López, Ramiro Pablo; Altamirano, Saúl; Andrade, Shirley

        · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  The role of the marginal populations in the conservation of the gene pool of the only conifer Podocarpus parlatorei from south Yungas in Argentine and Bolivia
Quiroga, Maria Paula; Premoli, Andrea C.

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in Spanish     · Spanish ( pdf )
 ·  Ranging patterns by the red-footed tortoise - Geochelone carbonaria (Testudines: Testudinidae) - in the Bolivian Chaco
Montaño F., Rossy R.; Cuéllar, Erika; Fitzgerald, Lee A.; Soria, Filemón; Mendoza, Florencio; Peña, Romoaldo; Dosapey, Telmo; Deem, Sharon L.; Noss, Andrew J.

        · abstract in English | Spanish     · text in English     · English ( pdf )
 ·  Reproductive phenology of kewiña (Polylepis tomentella, Rosaceae) in the semi-humid puna of Chuquisaca (Bolivia)
Domic, Alejandra I.; Mamani, Evelina; Camilo, Gerardo

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 ·  Abundance and species richness of hawkmoths (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in the fragmented landscape of Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
Karger, Dirk Nikolaus; Abrahamczyk, Stefan; Kessler, Michael

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 ·  Two unrelated species of birds (Myiopsitta monachus; Psittacidae and Coryphistera alaudina; Furnariidae) simultaneously building the same nest in the Paraguayan Chaco
Smith, Paul; Fretes, Aldo

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 ·  New information about the distribution of Callicebus (Pithecidae, Primates) in northern Beni Department, Bolivia
Martínez, Jesus; Wallace, Robert B.

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