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Journal of the Selva Andina Research Society

Print version ISSN 2072-9294On-line version ISSN 2072-9308

J. Selva Andina Res. Soc. vol.14 no.1 La Paz  2023  Epub Mar 31, 2023 


Editing and updating the magazine. A constant dynamic

Ph.D Manuel Gregorio Loza-Murguia1

1DIRECTOR - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. Executive President - Honorary Chairman of the Board. Higher Council for Research in Science and Biotechnology. Selva Andina Research Society Foundation. La Paz - Plurinational State of Bolivia. Tel. +591 - 671 10665 -752 14458 E-mail. E-mail.

For a journal to be up to date, it is necessary to generate scientific articles in the specialty for which it was created, and at the same time to fulfill the role of dissemination for an expectant public, it is also necessary to note that its role is to make researchers, public and/or private institutions, universities, independent professionals, among others, visible, In this way, it plays a key role in these processes, but for others, it would seem to be a simple task, as those who are not involved in research are not clear about what happens after an article is published in a journal, as the authors hope that their work will be approved and then published in a particular journal.

Well, an editorial process has many edges, which only the author of the article in question knows, each journal establishes the so-called editorial policies, which in other words are the steps that a manuscript follows, from its submission to its final edition, a process that is often lengthy, This process is often delayed by the review of experts in the field and the Editorial Board has the means to qualify or rule whether or not a work proceeds with its publication, a situation that sometimes the author or authors need to make minimal changes, regular changes or make a change to the document due to some inconsistencies, or sometimes because the wording is confusing.

All these procedures are necessary, as the quality of the product generated in a journal is its reputation at stake, and even more so if the authors are authorities on the subject, and put their research work into consideration in the journal they believe to be relevant, it should be noted that the final edition of a scientific article must comply with these steps, It is also necessary to point out that the session of the journal or area where the article will be published depends on the Editorial Committee. Many journals, in their editorial policies, have defined their sessions, such as original articles, research notes, scientific communication, case report, review article, etc.

Finally, once the article has been approved, it is necessary to proceed to the layout, a task that is the responsibility of the journal, which defines how the final article will be presented, the text, the tables and figures, the literature, and the annexed data.

What a job, it seems simple to write, but when one is editing the magazine it becomes an activity in which the details, aesthetics, harmony, etc. are seen.

For those authors who send their research papers to the Journal of the Selva Andina Research Society (JSARS), we are a working group, which from the beginning we seek that the authors have the confidence that their research papers in addition to the above-mentioned, we guarantee their right of authorship and respect the integrity in all processes, We are reserved about the details that may have existed at a given moment and that perhaps due to discrepancies between authors or in the Editorial Committee could have occurred, therefore that is our essence, always with the aim of continuing to grow as a Journal and Institution, since their work is valuable to us and we give each one equal importance and interest.

We are aware that we still have a long way to go, but we are working on it, and we work tirelessly to provide the author with all the necessary information, which can be accessed on the journal's website.

At the beginning of the year 2023, we cordially welcome your manuscripts, so that, after evaluation, they can be published, and we hope that this year will be full of new learnings and challenges.

Manuel Gregorio Loza-Murguia Ph.D


Executive President - Honorary Chairman of the Board

Higher Council for Research in Science and Biotechnology

Selva Andina Research Society Foundation

La Paz - Plurinational State of Bolivia

Tel. +591 - 671 10665 -752 14458



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