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Journal of the Selva Andina Research Society

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J. Selva Andina Res. Soc. vol.13 no.1 La Paz  2022 


Knowledge management in the midst of a pandemic and its implication for development

Ph.D Manuel Gregorio Loza-Murguia1

1DIRECTOR - EDITOR EN JEFE Presidente Ejecutivo - Honorario de la Junta Directiva. Consejo Superior de Investigación en Ciencia y Biotecnología. Fundación Selva Andina Research Society. La Paz - Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia. Tel. +591 - 671 10665 -752 14458 E-mail. E-mail.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, an endless amount of research has been carried out related to this problem, which in one way or another significantly affects the economy of a society characterized by the accumulation of wealth in few hands and poverty concentrated in countries with little capacity and possibility to face it with knowledge management.

We must be clear that the generation of knowledge brings many benefits, such as the generation of vaccines, medicines, equipment, and inputs of importance for its control and/or prevention, that very few nations and companies have made this purpose evident and are incorporated in the frontier of knowledge, but it is clear that in countries lacking these, they are affected and present great difficulties that derive in the generation of new knowledge.

The scientific publication in advance in many journals that have a large editorial fund allows the reading of papers through preprints, in the recognized search systems, a practice of great importance for the advancement of science, but with certain difficulties, since the papers that have not yet been submitted to peer reviewers, would be validating works on the scientific rigor that makes a journal credible.

Although the preprints allow access to a publication, the editorial committees of a journal enter into controversies, since the approval or not of a research work remains uncertain, and its evaluation in many opportunities by the editorial flow is somewhat slow and sometimes these preprints are not endorsed by the reviewers, which may eventually generate conflicts of interest, in addition to errors, even if this possibility is minimal.

It must also be recognized that some journals promote a quick review of research papers and that in a few days the reviewers give their verdict, not a very serious practice and somewhat difficult to believe that specialists manage to make such an evaluation in such a short time, so what is or will be the advantage of allowing the visualization of the papers in the preprints, may some reject the research papers or there will be no other than the acceptance, whether it is advantageous or not, it becomes necessary for the editorial body of a journal to face many opportunities or challenges that can be a questioning of whether the journal is serious or something is going on, or just has the intention of inflating the edition with articles regardless of the quality and prestige that many journals are in this process and it is difficult for them to reach high impact levels.

This task must be faced by its editor and prudence is a necessity, since with this pandemic the generation of articles has increased in one area, but in others, it is still weak and it is necessary to find a balance between the importance of a research topic and the resolution of problems in countries such as ours, The editorial board of the Journal of the Selva Andina Research Society over the years and since we are visible on the Web, is looking for the author to trust the editorial processes, but it is a requirement not only for us, but it is for every journal that works every day in the transfer of knowledge and especially the search for the frontier with articles of high impact.

We know our role and the role of the author and authors as well as the specialists who support us, but we still seek to increase the editorial flow.

Finally, the dissemination of knowledge has forged communities, and knowledge is reflected in all forms, the quality of life of a society, and the harmony that exists with nature and the environment.

Manuel Gregorio Loza-Murguia Ph.D


Executive President - Honorary Chairman of the Board

Higher Council for Research in Science and Biotechnology

Selva Andina Research Society Foundation

La Paz - Plurinational State of Bolivia Tel. +591 - 671 10665 -752 14458



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