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The articles should be sent to the following mail addresses:

They also could be sent to the post mail address:
Departamento de Cultura
Casilla 4850, La Paz Bolivia.

Otherwise articles could be delivered in magnetic support to:
Departamento de Cultura at Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo” (Av. 14 de septiembre 4807, Obrajes, La Paz Bolivia)


Standards for articles to be accepted

Articles sent for publication in Ciencia y Cultura should be originals, unpublished and they should not be in an evaluation process for another periodical or publication. Articles are to be sent printed and in magnetic support according to the following instructions:

  • An extension between 12 and 20 pages (around 12.000 words).
  • Times New Roman 12 single spacing.
  • Bibliographical references and footnotes following MLA norms, with sequential numbers and in alphabetical order.

Articles have also to include in the first page, the following information:

  • Article´s title
  • Author´s name
  • Author´s electronic address
  • Author´s institutional belonging
  • Key Words (up to 6 (six) in Spanish and English)
  • An abstract of the article (around 100 words)
  • Abstract’s Translation to English.


Process to evaluate and approve articles:

When the article is received, it is immediately sent by the editors to a member of our International Board in order to be evaluated. If the reader considers making some suggestions or asking for modifications, the author is notified and a due date is settled to re-sent the article modified according to the reader´s evaluation.
The evaluation and approval follows the modality “double blind”, in order to keep in reserve the identity of the author and of the reader. This also avoids possible interest conflicts for the periodical. At the bottom of every article appear the initials of the person that has handled the article, as well as the dates of reception and of final approval.

The criteria for the evaluation are related to the originality of article, the academic standards, relevance, methodology and the supporting literature.


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