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Scope and Politics Editorial

The articles published in T’inkazos must be original, unpublished and not committed for publication elsewhere. Articles must be the result of research carried out on Bolivia or other countries in the region. Priority will be given to work that combines empirical research and theoretical reflection in the following fields: Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Law, Education, History, Psychology, Economics and other disciplines in the Social and Human Sciences.

Accepted articles that cannot be published in the print edition for reasons of space will be included in the online edition of T’inkazos (,

  • Assessment

Articles will be assessed by the journal’s Publisher and Editorial Board. If the article complies with the editorial policies and objectives of T’inkazos it will be sent to two anonymous reviewers. If these reviewers recommend changes prior to publication, these will be sent to the author for inclusion in the article. The revised article will be assessed once again.

The journal’s Publisher and Editorial Board will decide which articles will be published in the print and online editions, which issue of the journal the article will appear in, and the section in which it will be included. In no case will contributions sent for publication be returned, and neither will any correspondence be entered into regarding the reasons for deciding not to publish them.

  • Conflict of interest

Should any conflict of interest exist between the author and any institution or individual related to the theme or content of the article, this must be communicated to the journal’s publisher when the article is submitted for consideration.

Manuscript format and presentation

1. The title of the article should preferably be no longer than 10 words, and should be written in Spanish and English. A preliminary caption may be included.

2. Below the title, the author should include an abstract of the article no longer than 400 characters (including spaces). The abstract should be written in Spanish and English. Abstracts are not required for book reviews or commentaries.

3. The author should also include eight key words or descriptors of the article, in Spanish and in English.

4. Together with the author’s name, the following information should be provided in a footnote: academic level and qualifications, institutional affiliation, email address, city and country.

5. Notes should be at the foot of the page and numbered correlatively. Footnotes should not be used for detailed bibliographic references.

6. References: References in the text of the article should appear in parentheses, stating the author’s surname, the year of publication and the page number. Example: (Rivera, 1999: 35). The complete reference should be included in the bibliography at the end of the article or book review, following APA Style norms:

7. Authors should take into account the following guidelines regarding the length of articles:

• Articles: maximum 60,000 characters, including spaces and bibliography.
• Commentaries on two or more books: maximum 10,000 characters including spaces.
• Book reviews: maximum 6,000 characters including spaces.

Shipment manuscript

Articles should be submitted by email to:

Edif. Fortaleza, Piso 6, Of. 601. Av. Arce #2799 esq. Cordero
Box: 12668  La Paz Bolivia
591-2-2432582 - 2431866
Fax: 591-2-2435235