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Basic information

The Bolivian Social Sciences Journal, T’inkazos, is published twice a year by the Foundation for Strategic Research in Bolivia (Fundación para la Investigación Estratégica en Bolivia - PIEB). National and international in scope, it publishes articles on research supported by PIEB and other contributions.

The journal was founded in 1998 with the aim of strengthening research in Bolivia by disseminating scholarly work on relevant strategic issues and contributing to the development of a community of researchers in the field of the social and human sciences.

The journal has established itself as a space for reflection, analysis and intellectual debate on substantive issues in the country’s reality. It is plural and open to different schools of thought. T’inkazos disseminates research progress and results and proposes methodological and technical guidelines that contribute to how research is conducted. Each issue includes scholarly articles, essays, academic dialogues and book reviews. The journal stands out for its aesthetic quality, creativity and user-friendly design, reflecting the highest standards of the plastic arts, photography and drawing in Bolivia. 

The abbreviated title, T’inkazos, must be used in bibliographies, footnotes, captions and bibliographic references. The name takes up the concept-word commonly used in Bolivia to refer to intuition – the starting point for knowledge production and academic endeavour.

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Authors whose articles have been approved cede their ownership rights to T’inkazos for the article’s publication in the journal in print and/or electronic formats, including on the internet. The articles published in the journal may only be used for academic, research and educational purposes, correctly citing the source. Requests to reproduce or translate a published article should be sent to PIEB for its consideration (


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