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The ALFA Journal is a new means of scientific and humanistic dissemination, specialized in the area of ​​Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, created by the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies Bolivia, under the guidance o open access modality. This journal seeks to position itself in the main indexing portals, through the quality scientific research that will be published in it. It also has an international scope, and is open to all teachers and researchers.

The magazine ALFA is a periodical publication of quarterly appearance, in Spanish, refereed under the double-blind system; is an open access journal. Its research is intended to provide contributions to the scientific community to improve the quality of the production and transformation processes of agricultural and food products for human and animal consumption.

The journal is aimed at researchers, teachers, students and the community in general involved in the issues of agronomic events and the various sciences that generate scientific advances on soil studies. The articles received by ALFA will be reviewed, refereed and accepted, according to the results of the evaluation for their subsequent edition and publication. The editing process ALFA is subject to the norms and quality control standards, guaranteeing the originality, relevance and timeliness of the articles accepted and published through the establishment of principles of ethics and policies to stop plagiarism.



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By submitting the articles for evaluation, the authors accept that they transfer the publication rights to the Revista de Investigación Ciencias Agronómica y Veterinarias ALFA , for publication in any medium. In order to increase their visibility, the documents are sent to databases and indexing systems, and can also be consulted on the Journal's website: Lastly, the Journal complies with everything concerning author rights, the intellectual property regulations of the Centro de Estudios Transdisciplinarios Bolivia, which can be found at the following address:



Financed by the Centro de Estudios Transdisciplinarios Bolivia (CET-Bolivia).

The journal of Investigation Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences ALFA is edited and published by Editorial CIDE-Ecuador, with an institutional budget from the economic contributions generated by the publication of books academic, this in order to widen the gaps in scientific publications in the Latin American and Caribbean region.


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